Automotive Air Conditioning Repair – Car Air Conditioning System Parts

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy the fall of cool air on our body especially during hot summers. So you can attend marriage or any other personal functions or meetings with your face radiating beams of freshness. A powerful car air conditioner could greatly bring down the weariness caused by long drives especially automotive air conditioners in many cars which would be the dream cars of today’s youngsters.However, automotive air conditioning is always not a standard addition provided in a car. Cars manufactured before 1940 lacked the feature as it was not invented by then. Gradually several enhancements were done to the system. The repair requires a trained professional’s help. People curious to get to know the bottom of things may attempt to do some repairs by themselves exercising caution.In small air conditioned cars, there may be a slight drop in pick up of the vehicle but this will not be the case with big cars.The Standard Parts of Automotive Air ConditioningThe automotive air conditioning system comprises seven major parts.These parts are:1) Compressor – As heart is to the human body, so is compressor to the AC system. It is basically a pump connected to the engine whose chief function is to compress the refrigerant from the evaporator coils and the compressor, or “the heart of the system,” is a pump that is attached to the engine. Its purpose is to compress and transfer refrigerant gas. The compressor has both an intake and a discharge side.2) Condenser – It functions very much like the radiator and will most often have a similar appearance. The purpose of the condenser is to radiate or to give away heat, so whenever the AC is switched on condenser must have good supply of air for cooling purposes.3) Evaporator – Its chief duty is to absorb heat. Besides getting rid of heat from inside your vehicle, it is also responsible for dehumidifying the car. In order to regulate the temperature of the evaporator, pressure introducing pressure regulating devices like orifice tube is necessary4) The receiver is used in automotive air conditioning systems that employ thermal expansion valves as pressure regulating devices to ensure that this pressure regulating device receives the liquid refrigerant that it needs in order to function. In order to do so, it must separate gas and liquid.5) The accumulator is used only on automotive air conditioning systems that have the orifice tube as the pressure regulating device, and its main function is to store surplus liquid refrigerant. In doing so, it prevents any liquid from entering the compressor, which could be detrimental to the system.In spite of the modern advancements that have been made in the automotive field since the introduction of automotive air conditioning, it is still possible to maintain your own system even if it is an olden day style.